EKKA 2015

I'm finally back to blogging and thought I'll do my first post on my recent Ekka trip. Hope you guys enjoy my new page :)

Allen and I visited the Ekka on Sunday for the second time since we’ve been dating. The first time we went, was surprisingly really fun and both agreed to go as much as we can.

We actually stayed at the Ekka for over six hours, just constantly finding food and finding the dog show areas. We ate so much and had two rounds of the Strawberry Sundae Ice Cream. We were super keen that one of our favorite restaurants ‘Kwan Brothers’ was selling their Bao Baos!

We spent most of our money on food and only went for one ride. We chose Sky Flyer because it went up the highest and thought it would be nice to see the view. When it got up to it’s highest point, we felt the cold wind blowing and I was pretty much shivering the whole time.

Over all, Allen and I had fun and enjoyed all the food we ate. It was dark when we left, and everything just looked so much more exciting. For next year, we are thinking of attending the Ekka at night to see the fire works and hopefully it would be less crowded as well.

I bought along my new camera and decided to play around with it more. Here are some other random photos from the day...

Doughnut Time

Doughnut Time

Turkey leg with BBQ Sauce

Turkey leg with BBQ Sauce

My next post will be about my job as Counter Manager for Yves Saint Laurent. I’ve had a lot of questions about it, and thought it would be perfect to answer them. I have re-activated my ask.fm for those who want to ask me anything while being anonymous ask.fm/tforthu

Until next time...